How To Wear Your Bandage Dress


The bandage dresses  are a short model, mostly low-cut and so just as a sticker! Natural stick with that doubt in time to use: Does it make me look ridiculous? Well, in order to answer that question it is very important to pay attention to tips given by Celebrity fashion magazines and so on.

Is the Bodycon bandage dress for me too?

The best thing to do is look in the mirror with common sense and analyze your overall look. Remember that the dress itself was once thought to be sexy, then you do not need more sensual elements! Delete animal prints, red lipstick, golden in excess and hairstyles with that too much feeling.

If you already have a big body redouble your attention and be careful when using the bandage dresses! Choose less low-cut models, with more sober colors and not so short ones …That’s a tough little question!  Really people, there’s no denying that it is not everyone “can” wear a dress so tight which means the Bodycon bandage dress is indeed not for every lady.

Bandage dresses – what about the belly?

Many people asked about the belly and bum, you can use anyway? It Is important to base the looks on you and not because someone else can wear it. Keep yourself in mind and not wear clothes because you think they look pretty in actresses and even your friends.

Now when we think about our bellies that is complicated! I think if the person feels good ok, but if the situation is too complicated and the person looks terrible then I suggest forgetting the same trend! There are many clothes and other trends that might be a very good fit for you. The Bandage dresses definitely are not for everyone so if you have a big belly or even a larger bum make sure you do not ridiculous.

Is it type of dress suitable for wedding and graduations ?! yes, it can be.

Just choose a thinner model with more elaborate neckline and not so short. Time to “accessorize”, choose more delicate sandals fabric and stones, fancier bags and powerful earrings! This is a very good option for those who would like to be fashion yet rather sober during parties of all kinds, especially the marriages. Sometimes celebrity fashion is not a perfect fit for everyone. It deeply depends on your taste and also in your sense. You should ask your honest friends and family to give you a second opinion regarding the dress and also what kind of clothes you should wear during each occasion.

Other things should also match your style and dress.

The hair is also super important and should preferably be not loose, since the dress is much more “stripped” than a traditional model! I hope that such tips were able to help you understand what your sense of beauty should be like and also a little bit more regarding the so called and so famous Bandage dresses.


How to blend in the stylish bodycon fashion

Bodycon dresses are slowly becoming popular each day. Founded by Herve leger, this style is among the top selling everywhere in the world. The style entails dresses that wrap up a woman body like a bandage, and thus they have been given the name bandage dresses. The fabric is actually tight, and it is meant to show off the entire body shape of the woman wearing it. It is actually specially designed to create some attention to the best assets in a woman, and show the figure 8 shape, that majority of people admire. The fashion is actually popular with female actresses and musicians, as it is classy and decent at the same time.

Always fit a bandage dress before buying

Many ladies are actually afraid to wear the bandagedresses because they are unsure of their body shape. They would actually prefer that they go for loose dresses that won’t show much in them. However, it is worth trying it out once in a while, as you might be surprised by the pretty look. They always come in different designs and sizes, and they is a high chance of landing with the right bodycon dress. This will require a lot of fitting however, so as to identify the perfect dress to accentuate the best in a lady.

Test all the available fashions

If you are unsure of your look when in a bodycon fashion, consider blending it with something else that is not as conscious. The fact that it is tight means that it can easily compliment with a much loose and baggy option. If for instance you settle for bandage skirt, you can compliment it with a less tight top. This will neutralize the effect and you will feel more comfortable. The oversize top will easily hid the problems with the midsection but still portray a good view of the legs. No one will actually tell that the top was oversize, but they will instead see it as a fashion trend.

Choose dark bodycon dress colors

The bodycon dresses come in many colors, but you will agree with me that the black options compliment well with everyone. By dark I don’t actually mean black, because there are gray, blue and brown colors in store. The dark color will effectively hide the spots in the body, if at all there is any, and you won’t be overly conscious when walking. In addition to this, a dark color easily goes along with all other options. It will not place limitations on sandals, shoes, scarf or the accessories. Remember that the bodycon fashion requires accessorizing to draw the attention out of the body, and unlimited options will be an added advantage.


Confidence is a key aspect in this fashion. Having confidence in your body shape will give you the drive to put on a bandage dress and walk without fear. You should however not spend a lot of money as there are cheap options in stores worldwide. It is actually hard to tell the difference in the look of the dresses basing on the pricing.


What is the Latest Celebrity Fashion Trend?

latest celebrity news

Celebrities play a great role in determining fashion trend. Recently, research shows that the gladiator shoes are the most recent celebrity fashion trend. When people say celebrities wearing gladiator shoes, the sale of these shoes increased within a short period.full post

The fact that these shoes come in different styles has make it possible for it demand to increase. Before, these shoes were considered to be old fashioned until when the celebrities started wearing them. They have become one of the shoes that everyone including celebrities would like to purchase.

Inspired by warrior design shoes

There are some fans who have been questioning whether it is good to updated with anything that is involved with celebrity shoe fashions. It is important since following trends is all that is needed in fashion world. There are individuals who are desperately following fashion trends because of the celebrities they look up to. Moreover, you will be satisfied if you find the kind of fashion that you have been following its trends. You will be happier if you were the gladiator shoes that are also one of the favorites to celebrities.

Following Celebrity fashion

It is also important that you should know how to follow the latest celebrity fashion. It is highly recommended that you should be careful not to use credit card when buying designer shoes like gladiator shoes. Moreover, there are affordable shoes that you can buy from several online shops. The only thing that is required of you is to choose the model that you would like to buy.

It is also important to know that gladiator shoes have been made in different models since the first time it was manufactured in Rome. It has always been made sexy over the time that it has been in the market. For those who have did not see the old fashioned gladiator shoes cannot believe that they used to be since they have been made more sexy high heels. Some of them are also durable and give comfort o those who wear them. Moreover, they have been made in such a way that the can be good for any event.

As compared to other shoes worn by celebrities, Gladiator shoes are more durable and of comfortable. This is the reason why these shoes have become popular very fast. Moreover, great populations of women suggest these shoes to other women.

latest celebrity news

It is also important to know that celebrities have great influence on the fashion trends. Moreover, there are some companies that will hire some celebrities to advertise the new fashion that has just been released to the market. They believe that celebrities can make it easier for them to market their product. They can also determine the kind of outfit that matches with the shoes because a great number of them are icons that fans are looking up to. Moreover, they have great influence on the people follow them.

Celebrity Fashion – Why Women Love to Dress like Their Favorite Star


Most women have fallen in love with fashion. They find it difficult to survive without being attentive to follow the fashion trends. Moreover, the possibilities of women copying how some rich and popular women in terms of fashion are very high. They also enjoy the act of emulating their favorite stars by dressing the way they do and having the same hair styles like those of their role models. The following are some reasons why women like dressing like their star:

Dressing like a star elevates self-worth

One of the ways that a woman will use to evaluate her self-worth is through fashion. This will also offer her assistance in improving her self esteem. Moreover, they express this with their hair styles and the type of clothes they wear. Therefore, they try all they can to ensure that do as their celebrities do. What is more, some women consider their celebrities to be like their big sisters. They go to an extent of getting all the gossips regarding their celebrities to ensure that they get updated with whatever their favorite stars are doing. This includes everything that they do: their makeup, hairstyles, fashion trend and here!

Dressing like a star makes you popular

Some women assume that when they dress like their role model will make them become popular and this one will also be a platform to compete and compare themselves with their peers. Some of them go to an extent of telling their peers that they are well informed, updated and stylish because of the kind of dresses they wear.

Where to buy celebrities fashions

There is also a way in which both art and fashion are related. There are designers who are known because of designing custom outfits for their customers. There are also some designers who can come up with different style of clothes that are similar the one that celebrities wear at affordable price. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should buy your dresses from a designer who will giving the kind of celebrity fashion that you prefer.

Women are also known with their habits of looking for the stars to offer them assistance on fashion. Some of them have connected with their stars through social media websites such as facebook and twitter among others. This is simply to keep them update in terms of fashion. Through these connections, they have managed to learn different kinds of fashion. Moreover, they have learnt how match their clothing when they are attending different events.

Some women will only be contented only when they dress their favorite dresses. Moreover, they will be confidence when they are updated with different fashion styles since they will assume that they are current with what is happening in the world in which they live go and check


What has contributed to women dressing like their favorite star?

The TV shows has also make fashion to become reality to some women. It is through television fashion talk show that some women get their celebrities. Most of them will tell you that the celebrities on the fashion talk shows inspire them and make them to dress the way they dress. This simply means that most women like identifying themselves with something. Some of them consider their celebrities to be their gods; they cannot afford to live without these people.

Why So Many People Are Caught Up In Celebrity Fashion Trends?

celebrity fashion trends

There are several people are so keen on what their favorite celebrities wear. Some of them will never allow themselves to lack any information that is in relation to the celebrity whom they emulate. Moreover, some people are also interested in know the celebrities that this people emulates hence making them to do everything as their role models.

There are several reasons why people like copying their celebrities’ fashions. Below are some of the things that have made them to be so or to do as their celebrities.

Celebrities are popular and have a lot funs. Wherever they go they have their followers. There are also some of them who would like to make their life so simple but they are finding it difficult because the crowd that is following their footsteps. However, there are some individuals who think that dressing like a celebrity would make them be the centre of focus wherever they go.

They want to get compliments from their friends and communities
Many celebrities who have got opportunities to be on the television talk show have many compliments on the kind of fashion that they wear. After some few days you will realize that several people are wearing similar clothes to those of celebrities. This is because their followers want to get similar compliments to the one that was given to celebrities. Moreover, this has made many people to watch different TV fashion programs in addition to reading fashion magazine just to ensure that they are updated with their celebrities’ fashion trends.

Even though there are some individual who consider this to be a negative habit, but there is nothing negative with this to some people. The only negative thing with this is when the followers become so obsessed by trying to be exactly how their celebrities are.

Moreover, not everything that the celebrity does is fit for you. There are some that will make the fans look arrogant and to some extent, the follower will be embarrassed. May be the fan can decide to put on heavy clothes during hot days because he or she wants to be identified with a certain celebrity. It is, therefore, important that the fan should know what to emulate from his or her follower before doing exactly what he saw.more info at

celebrity fashion trends

They want to be celeb

Most of the celebrities earn from what they are doing. Being a celeb is an employment of its own kind. They earn more than some of their fans. You will find that some fans will run short of money as they try to do what celebrities are doing so that they become famous in their homes and workplace. However, there are some individuals who have benefited from this.

Some of them are designers who produce low quality clothes that look similar to those that are used by the celebrities. They earn their living through this. It is therefore important that the celebrities should do things that will not lead their followers astray. Moreover, the kind of cloth that they wear should be those that add moral value to their fans.

Celebrity Fashion Tips, How You Can Dress Like a Star on a Budget

celebrity fashion

Everyone would like to become good-looking. A great number of women cannot afford to have hairdressers or makeup artists to offer them assistance on how to look attractive. However, the following are some tips on how you can dress like a star on a budget.

The most important thing to do is to do everything in sequence. Start from your head to your toe. Do you need you hair to be cut or colored? Make sure that you have all the generic makeup that is similar to the one that is being used by you preferred star.

Know the trend

This is also another important thing to consider when you want to dress like a star on a budget. Know the latest trends and buy them wisely. You can read fashion magazines to update you on how you can be in touch with the most recent fashion trends.

Update your wardrobe

Reconstruct it and make sure that it has the latest ribbons, jewelry, glasses, and everything that is needed to ensure that you look like a star on a budget. Moreover, it is highly recommended that you should buy the jewelry, clothes and other items needed at sale. You can also shop them online, but be careful to ensure that the online shops are genuine. Invest all that you can buy in these items to ensure that you become what you really desire to be.visit (

Mix and Match

It is recommended that if you are looking forward to look like star, you should not wear from one designer alone. Mix and match your designers. If possible make sure that everything comes from different designers. Moreover, do some research on how you can mix and match without color clashing.

Buy what fits your body

While looking for a bra, make sure that it fits you. If you have the right underclothes, you can be assured of looking better and attractive. Another thing to consider is the kind of shoes to wear. They should look great. Do not invest your money in buying shoes that will embarrass you. If it happens that the color of the top cloth is similar to the bottom cloth, wear a belt that will match with either you jewelry or shoes. It is also important not to wear more than three colors.

celebrity fashion

Do not be arrogant but have confidence

Be contented with who you are. Walk upright without fear. This will help you in developing characteristics that would help you in being a stay in your own ways. Be careful with individual who after lowering your self-esteem.

The other thing to consider is ensuring that both the leg and the armpit are shaved. Another concern should be taking care of you. Your teeth must always look brighter. Do not forget to work on your hair.

Dressing to look like a star on budget is possible. Moreover, there are also some tailored items that can make you look fabulous and achieve your dream of becoming a celebrity.

Things to Expect In a Fashion Journal Internship

journal internship

The film “The Demon Wears Prada” remaining many aspiring style magazine interns wondering when the interning in a fashion magazine is actually the way it had been portrayed. It might be a surprise to a lot of but the majority of what sometimes appears in which movie isn’t an exaggeration; in the end, it was compiled by someone that worked with regard to Vogue journal editor within chief Ould – Win tour.

It is a Seasonal Placement
Of program every magazine may have a various schedule. Top magazines, like Attraction or Jessica Claire for example, hire style interns for that season. Usually the style intern would begin in late Dec or earlier January and sort out May for that Winter/Spring period. If a person impresses the actual boss on your fashion journal internship, they’ll keep a person on lengthier.  See more details here!

You’ll Function Your Manicured Fingers towards the Bone
probably the most accurate areas of “The Demon Wears Prada” had been the extended hours that Anne Hathaway’s character needed to work. The quantity of hours your own scheduled with regard to means absolutely nothing. Expect to operate 12 hr days, perhaps shorter, perhaps even lengthier. Most from the work is going to be running chores, going in order to showrooms to get items, responding to phones as well as emails, and organizing the style closet.

When your projects are done frequently you’ll end up being asked to remain later before fashion assistants tend to be finished using their work. And it is highly unlikely that you will have any kind of interaction using the editor; at Style magazine interns tend to be told not to look Ould – Win tour within the face and never to try looking in to the woman’s office. The style assistant is going to be your employer, but that does not mean they are not challenging.

journal internship
Enjoy The actual Perks

After you are established inside your fashion journal internship, you can find the opportunity to fly in the united states or perhaps from the country, the same as Lauren Conrad from the Hills did on her internship from Teen Style. Part of the work will most likely include helping on tries for a takedown and design the versions, which is a thrilling time for any kind of fashion caring girl. As well as interns tend to be gifted along with high designer label items in the closet.

A style magazine internship certainly is not a walk within the park, but it is a good test to determine who may and can’t allow it to be in the market. And if you are considering professions specifically it is basically the only method to get a foot within the door.

When considering a credit card application to the fashion internship make sure that you know all there’s to learn about the company that you’re considering signing up to before a person send the application. Learn about their mastheads, their content voice as well as all prosperous past content articles published should you care considering getting into their content department. If you’re seeking entry to the PR department make sure that you are acquainted with the corporation’s clients and also the aesthetics from the company. It is essential that you can to illustrate that you’re their greatest fan and in a position to answer every queries regarding why you would like working at that one (

Renovate your man’s wardrobe with French fashion

french fashion

A huge number of high end fashion home brands have originated in France. The nation undoubtedly has very strong roots in the fashion industry. In old times, fashion and glamour was mostly associated with women but lately it has spread its grasp in men’s world too.

Nowadays, even men make sure that they wear the right combinations and accessorize well. This gives an impression that the man cares about how he looks. To cater to this, a number of stores have opened up in France. They stock a huge range of impressively designed clothes and accessories for men. From hats and belts to shoes and clothes, they have it all to complete a man’s wardrobe.

The better stores have a huge selection of clothing articles to suit the style and size of a variety of people. From middle aged men to young boys, everybody can shop from these stores and give a new life to their fashion sense. Fashion Home have a variety in terms of color, style, fabric and a lot more which makes it possible for everybody to shop from these stores. Many of them not only have retail stores at various locations throughout the country but also have online stores.

You can conveniently shop for your fashion needs right from the comfort of your home.

french fashion

Such online shopping platforms let your shop in an effortless manner. You need not drive to the crowded mall in order to buy clothes. Just switch on your laptop and select the things you like. Pay and all of them will be delivered to your desired address in a timely manner. In order to further up your convenience, they provide detailed information about each feature of all the products. Along with the photos, there are elaborate details about various colors and sizes available in the item. Also, there is information about the fabric that the article is made of. With such in-depth details, you feel confident about buying your fashionable clothes online at France Men fashion stores.checkout this website for more info.

Some of the websites go a step further in helping you shop online. They give you a look book so that you can see which bottoms look good with which tops. Through such look books, you can buy a complete set and be sure that it will look good without even trying it on. So switch to the internet now and start searching for a reliable store in France that offers a line of fashionable clothing for men.see more at

70s Fancy Dress Costumes Are Colourful and Fun


Fancy dress parties are great fun and even from forty years ago people wore some amazing and funky fashions. Yes, you can hire outfits for fancy dress parties and you can find all manner of costumes and dress-up gear online, but don’t forget there is plenty of vintage clothing in the thrift stores. Lots of us look at pictures to give us some idea of what they wore in the 1970s, take one look at the fancy dress images of that era and they will tell you that the clothes of the seventies were colourful and fun. So what would you wear to a 70s fancy dress party and where would you buy 70s fancy dress costumes?

In the early seventies “flower power” was still in fashion, so dresses, trousers or cat suits that had a psychedelic print were all the rage. Take a peep at some of the fancy dress ideas for the seventies and you will notice that the disco divas loved to wear halter-neck cat-suits, silver jumpsuits and colourful mini- skirts and dresses. Out of all of the fancy dress themes that you could choose from the fashion of the 70s is probably the most fantastic. Go back in time and watch the famous pop group Abba perform on stage and you will realize that the clothing of the seventies was all about fun. rRead more..

There is plenty of cheap fancy dress attire online and they have lots of fancy dress outfits for the man in your life too. Look at some of the great retro costumes and note that the men wore tight-fitting jumpsuits too. There are endless party theme fancy dress costumes; you may decide to go the party dressed as a “Hippy Chick” or a “Dancing Diva”. If you have only just received your invitation to then you could have time to scour the Internet auction sites for some retro clothing.


There was so much going on during the seventies so you should be able to hire an outfit that will “wow” all of the other party-goers. If you would love to recreate Saturday Night Fever then try wearing a pure white suit with a black shirt, how cool is that. When you have chosen your costume don’t forget to buy some 70s accessories to complete the look. If you are determined to make your costume stand out at the party then hire or buy a wig, a chest wig and a slick moustache. The huge Afro wigs are fantastic and don’t forget to purchase a pair of large framed glasses. 70s fancy dress costumes are wild, wacky and wonderful and you need to accessorize well to get the look right.

Treat yourself to a glitter microphone and a pimp hat or make the rest of the party-goers fall about laughing when they see you are wearing a stick on chest wig. Think bling and you can’t go wrong, there are plenty of huge fancy dress jewel rings that will help to make you look the part. Think 70s fancy dress costumes, add an element of fun and lots of accessories and you will definitely have a ball at the party. Mmore details from the website