10 Ways To Make The Body Con Dress Work For You

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In the latest of Celebrity fashion, to look good on the red carpet is the number one consideration.  Most women want to show off their bodies but yet still look elegant and appealing when they are attending a special event or an evening out with associates.  Looking good and turning heads are all a part of their reputation.  Many have turned to using dresses that have been designed after the original bandage dresses that use to be made from a spandex or stretchy type of fabric.  These were created to be form fitting to show off all of a woman’s curves and features.  Not only do these dresses make a woman look good but they also make her feel good about her self and lets her self confidence shine.

Many To Choose From

There are many different styles of these dresses to choose from with a variety of color variations.  Choosing the right one for your body type can take a little getting use to.  Many women will wear a spanx or a miraclesuit shape wear to hide some of the imperfections in their bodies.  Since these dresses fit tightly almost glove like most women want to make sure that their bodies show through smoothly without wrinkles or bulges.  Not all women can wear one of these tightly molded dresses, but the ones that are comfortable and can sport them proudly know how to make their wardrobe to be stunning.  Black seems to be one of the favorite colors with its slimming effect many have added this color to their wardrobe.

Tips When Choosing Your Dress

  • Select your dress to accent a certain body part
  • For a more elegant look search for a higher neckline so not to show too much cleavage
  • If you are uncomfortable with a bodycon consider starting with a two piece
  • A smaller waist line can be created with a darker color paneled sides
  • Feel free with some styles to add a loose fitting cardigan or jacket

Being Comfortable

When making a selection of your Bodycon bandage dress, be sure and make a selection that you are comfortable with wearing.  Part of the experience of wearing one of these fabously designed dresses is to make you look and feel good about yourself.  If you would like your waist to look smaller, find one that has that special design for just that purpose.  Some women are comfortable with wearing these special dresses without any form fitting undergarments and others prefer them to help to reduce the bulges that could show through.  It is a personal choice and depends upon what works best with your shape and your size.

When searching for your dress for most any occasion or for day and evening wear, select a neutral or darker color.  This seems to be appropriate for most any occasion and is very easy to select accessories such as shoes, jewelry or handbags.  When selecting accessories to wear with one of these designer dresses, make sure to select to accent the dress and not to over power what the dress has accomplished for you.  There are many choices available in both styles and colors so remember comfort must be a key consideration when selecting your new bodycon dresses.

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