5 Tips From A Travel Agency Insider

Not your typical travel guide

As someone who worked in a travel agency for five years, I discovered several tricks off the beaten path that you can incorporate into your travel plans. Will my insider guide be valuable to a seasoned traveller like yourself? I think so, but let’s find out!

A little protection goes a long way

Credit cards are a godsend when used responsibly. They offer pretty attractive perks, allow you to earn travel miles, and get a waiver on transaction fees abroad. It also doubles up as a safeguard when booking a hotel or renting a car, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect to have a dedicated travel insurance policy.

travelingBook two one-way flights

Everyone thinks that purchasing a round-trip flight costs less than two separate one-way flights. While that may be true in most cases, you’ll be surprised to find better deals with the latter sometimes. Most travel booking websites do that for you by default, but you should make an effort to check manually if they don’t.

Ninja your way to cheaper fares

Fares can vary, depending on the location you’re booking from. Most direct airline and travel websites practice “regional pricing”, whereby flights are cheaper in countries with lower standards of living. Never settle for the initial price, keep exploring.


Cookies are bad for you

Travel booking websites are cunning these days. To maximise profit, they implement a system called “dynamic pricing”, which alters the price of flights based on demand. There are two ways to get around this: use an incognito window or clear your browser cookies each time.

Take a cab from the departure zone

The arrival zone is often chaotic and filled with edgy cab drivers who’ve been waiting around for hours. Why don’t you skip all that, do the reverse, and take a cab from the departure zone instead? Passengers are being dropped off – all you need to do is wait a minute or two and then hop into the cab.

Plan ahead

Don’t leave things to the last minute. Prices can rise sharply during peak travelling season, and hotels usually impose a surcharge on a weekend stay. Are you shopping around for a reliable travel insurance policy? Get a quote from Chubb Travel Insurance in Malaysia at