How to blend in the stylish bodycon fashion

Bodycon dresses are slowly becoming popular each day. Founded by Herve leger, this style is among the top selling everywhere in the world. The style entails dresses that wrap up a woman body like a bandage, and thus they have been given the name bandage dresses. The fabric is actually tight, and it is meant to show off the entire body shape of the woman wearing it. It is actually specially designed to create some attention to the best assets in a woman, and show the figure 8 shape, that majority of people admire. The fashion is actually popular with female actresses and musicians, as it is classy and decent at the same time.

Always fit a bandage dress before buying

Many ladies are actually afraid to wear the bandagedresses because they are unsure of their body shape. They would actually prefer that they go for loose dresses that won’t show much in them. However, it is worth trying it out once in a while, as you might be surprised by the pretty look. They always come in different designs and sizes, and they is a high chance of landing with the right bodycon dress. This will require a lot of fitting however, so as to identify the perfect dress to accentuate the best in a lady.

Test all the available fashions

If you are unsure of your look when in a bodycon fashion, consider blending it with something else that is not as conscious. The fact that it is tight means that it can easily compliment with a much loose and baggy option. If for instance you settle for bandage skirt, you can compliment it with a less tight top. This will neutralize the effect and you will feel more comfortable. The oversize top will easily hid the problems with the midsection but still portray a good view of the legs. No one will actually tell that the top was oversize, but they will instead see it as a fashion trend.

Choose dark bodycon dress colors

The bodycon dresses come in many colors, but you will agree with me that the black options compliment well with everyone. By dark I don’t actually mean black, because there are gray, blue and brown colors in store. The dark color will effectively hide the spots in the body, if at all there is any, and you won’t be overly conscious when walking. In addition to this, a dark color easily goes along with all other options. It will not place limitations on sandals, shoes, scarf or the accessories. Remember that the bodycon fashion requires accessorizing to draw the attention out of the body, and unlimited options will be an added advantage.


Confidence is a key aspect in this fashion. Having confidence in your body shape will give you the drive to put on a bandage dress and walk without fear. You should however not spend a lot of money as there are cheap options in stores worldwide. It is actually hard to tell the difference in the look of the dresses basing on the pricing.


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