Digi Malaysia: Prepaid Plan & A Lot More

Just as much as some people try to deny it, it truly is complicated to live without access to internet, because we rely on them to communicate and then make our everyday lives better. Without a strong and stable connection, things will probably tricky to work with, no matter if something personal or business. Where can we find a terrific network provider?

Discover Digi’s Postpaid, Prepaid, Broadband & Much more

Since its establishment in 1995, Digi has become a great competitor to Celcom and Maxis just for the fact that they always seem to be the number one brand to keep introducing internet data and mobile plans with greater value at lower cost. So, let us take an overall look into what Digi has up their sleeves lately.

Prepaid Plan

Among the most basic plan, you can get is going to be the prepaid plan. Definitely, Digi gives the best-prepaid plan in Malaysia precisely as it features great value at a low price. You can just buy Digi’s prepaid SIM card while in the airport or convenient stores just like 7 Eleven and have fun with smooth wireless internet experience.

Postpaid Plan

On the other hand, some who prefers a steady commitment can elect to subscribe Digi’s postpaid plan. As users can request to switch network easily, they can choose a variety of packages, similar to the RM50 pack that gives 10GB of internet data, and the Digi Postpaid Family pack that practically offers unlimited internet.

internet data

Apple iPhone

As Digi appreciates the consumers’ needs, they have also been one of the 1st to get started with offering smartphone purchase along with the postpaid plan. Undoubtedly, Apple’s smartphones will be the popular smartphones many consumers pick. So, now is your possible opportunity to own an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 very easily!

Android Phone

But Digi doesn’t offer only Apple phones in the store. You may get a lots of different models coming from other brands too, that include Samsung Galaxy S8, Vivo V7 , or maybe Oppo R9S, that each and every has got an awesome low price. Believe us, you won’t get this kind of deal someplace else in the market.

Broadband Plan

High speed broadband is one other consumer’s favorite product caused by its convenience. at Digi, you can find a 4G wireless broadband for as low as RM30 which provides you 18GB of internet data. However, if you happen to demand more data allocation month to month, you may want to try the premium plan, which is Digi Broadband 100.

Roaming & IDD

For travelers, here’s an aspect of Digi’s plans that is a important to note, the roaming plan. The days for which you should buy disposable SIM cards abroad are gone for good, as you possibly can the surf the internet with your Digi SIM card. Together with the initial rate as small as RM5, all you need is activation.

Generally, just one reason we love Digi so much is that they always work to offer a better service to the consumers. With a more stable connection better coverage for rural areas, Digi is scheduled to lead the telecommunication sector have a higher benchmark for competitors to keep up with. Find out more at