Ebene Malaysia: Knee Guards and Many More

Besides, Ebene additionally has compression socks which could be worn each and every day. This’ll help to enhance oxygen in addition to blood circulation, which will undoubtedly eventually minimize the pain you’re experiencing from arthritis. In addition, the socks help keep your feet warm, so therefore allows to prevent foot cramp which you have at bedtime.

Ebene’s product success is formulated using the stuffs that helps make it. Essentially, Ebene’s products are produced from minerals which will help to emit energy as well as heat straight into the flesh on the covered body region to restabilize blood and oxygen flow. Bio-Ray that includes utilization of minerals in the product is the crucial element.


Knee Guard

We should now zoom right into the product itself. Basically, Ebene offers products which works extremely well on many areas of the body. However, the top selling product is certainly Ebene’s knee guard. This product is quite simply produced to provide support on your knee to people patients recuperating from surgery & more.

The product comes with an adjustable strap, which will help to make maximum comfort for their user no matter what bodily proportions because they’re free to readjust accordingly. When used regularly, Ebene knee guard can help to reduce inflammation and swelling by supporting better blood flow in the knee.

Arthritis | Ebene Malaysia


Ankle Guard

Next, there’s the ankle guard. This product is produced for anybody experiencing pain and discomfort within the ankle. Hence, it’s perfect to be used by athletes, specially those active in the kinds of sports requiring large amounts of feet movement similar to marathon, football, together with basketball.

Using a contoured design, the goods could very well be worn perfectly fit by everyone. Like with all Ebene products, the ankle guard relieves pressure yet still time increases flow efficiency for the ankle. It’s therefore strongly suggested for athletes to wear for extended sports performance.



Compression Socks

If you are wanting for any something that offers the same benefit as having a foot message, then Ebene has the answer. Found in 2 colours that’s fitted to each males and females, Ebene’s compression sock are able to bring great benefits. By putting on these, you can expect to feel equally as getting your feet massaged.

This compression sock is superb because it can be worn for a long time in to provide the most impact. You can just wear it to your workplace, or while you are on the couch viewing television. With one of these kinds of feature, you know that it is suited to any type of consumer, even long-distance drivers and arthritis patients.


Mentioned are a few of the many useful products supplied by Ebene Malaysia. If you want to know more about all the different products sold, you can go look at Ebene’s official website. Plus, if you are hoping to make an online purchase, you can go to Guardian Malaysia & Caring Pharmacy’s website.