Fireflyz Review: From Subang Airport to Langkawi

Recently I have flown with Fireflyz from Subang Airport to Langkawi International Airport. This has overall been a great experience and with this blog post, I like to give the airline the credits they deserve. It starts off with Fireflyzbooking experience; this is very fast, easy and clear via their website. A few days before my flight they sent a notice with all my flight details.

Arrival at Subang Airport before Boarding Fireflyz Aircraft

The arrival at Subang Airport was pretty good, it is clear that this is one of Fireflyz main hubs. Check-in was a nice and fast due to the friendly and helpful ground crew, just a very smooth experience. Same counts for the boarding, the friend who I was traveling with had difficulties walking and was offered help by the Fireflyz crew multiple times during boarding and exiting the plane, while it was not necessary, we really appreciated the offer to help.

Fireflyz In-Flight Experience

Fireflyz In Flight Experience

The flight departed on time which was to our surprise. My experience with other budget airlines is that they often depart 20 minutes after the official departure time, this was a nice change. Seats and the entire cabin was comfortable and clean. Even though it was a short flight, around an hour, the Fireflyz crew provided us with drinks and other refreshments. Again, this was surprising since other airlines usually charge you for refreshments. It’s pleasant to experience a low-budget airline that cares about their customers. The flight was hassle-free and before we knew it, we arrived at Langkawi International Airport. Luckily, our suitcases were already at the baggage claim area when we got there.

The Flight Back

The flight back was great as well, even though Langkawi International Airport is nothing special. Check-in went quickly again and after the flight, it feels good to arrive at the Fireflyz hub. Again, great service by the Fireflyz staff and our luggage arrived quickly at the baggage reclaim.

All in all, just a great experience, from start to end. We have flown many cheap airlines in Asia but Fireflyz provided the best value for money. We will definitely fly with them again.