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Importance of Measuring Child’s Growth

Growth monitoring is a prime key to take into consideration when marking the milestones of your child’s development. As your child grows in different shapes and sizes, and their capabilities widen drastically, it may seem overwhelming.

However, measuring your child’s growth is a vital step along the way as your baby will stay healthy and fueled for the future. Plus, it’s crucial to ensure that their development is at par with the standard too, in order to identify any unusual progress.

Interested in creating a DIY growth chart ruler to measure your kid’s height process? Watch this video!

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Why should I care about my child’s growth?

If your child’s growth is lagging behind compared to his peers, this may be a symptom of any possible illnesses or problems.

If he/she isn’t developing properly, this may be an underlying sign that you should keep an eye for!

How should I measure my child’s growth?

In terms of measuring your child’s weight and height, it would be best to frequently these certain aspects. Once you measure and key it into your notepad, plot a graph and see if it mirrors the general growth spurt for individuals his/her age.

One important method is to compare the height-weight ratio. In order to allow your child to develop healthily, the ratio should be of similar digits.


Why is my child’s growth in developing so slowly?

An individual with impossibly low weight may exhibit certain signs of malnourishment.

In this day and age, it is understandable that some babies may be extremely picky hence, not being supplied with enough nutrients to propel growth.

How could I address this issue?

To curb the likelihood of this issue, one way would be to supplement your child’s diet. There are a few brands on the market that addresses this issue and has seemingly positive feedbacks.

One of which is Pediasure, with its delicious taste yet packed with soulful ingredients, your child would love to consume it! Pediasure is specially catered to children who are picky eaters. Visit the link via to look for more information.


Fret not, most of the time we worry more than we actually should. One of our main goals is to provide the best services for our children- our children will do just fine! Read more on the importance of measuring your child growth here: