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iPhone X: The Beast of Smartphone Cameras

The iPhone X has been receiving a lot of buzzes lately, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find an exclusive review on its camera performance alone.

How is the iPhone X camera better?

For starters, the quality of the latest iPhone X camera is quite comparable to the iPhone 8 Plus, with some notable improvements of course. Technically speaking, both cameras are equipped with a 12MP sensor array, but the iPhone X has the winning edge with a f/2.4 aperture. It’s also the best smartphone camera for still images in the market, according to DxOMark.

The iPhone X performs slightly better in low-light conditions compared to its predecessors. It is possible because Apple utilises a wide-angle lens, which has superior low-light capabilities) instead of the traditional zoom lens.

iPhone X

Apple takes its selfie capabilities seriously too. The front-facing camera makes our selfies look amazing as it senses depth quite effectively. Its portrait mode gives you options to blur out surroundings, adjust lighting moods, and trim yourself out of a photo and place yourself in a separate background altogether.

Photo display

The iPhone X has been known to take photos that are rich in details with superbly vibrant colours. It may not be the best smartphone camera on the market, but it takes the most natural photos by far. Additionally, viewing photos on the iPhone X is made so much better by its OLED display due to enhanced contrast ratios.

You can also have more fun with photos taken on the iPhone X. Now, you can even bounce, loop, and experiment with long-exposure photography.

Camera for Video

The quality of iPhone videos is arguably one of the best in the market. With 4K recording capabilities at 60 frames per second, you can ditch the expensive camcorders in favor of the iPhone X.

Lots of amateur and even professional filmmakers are agreeable to shooting on the iPhone X because of its stunning fluidity and colour appeal.

You Wanted Reasons; You’ve Got Them

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