Learn About Digi’s Postpaid, Prepaid, Broadband & More

The internet of things also has been the motive force of today’s world. Now, the development of telecommunications made the globe a virtually more compact place. On this, you may need a reliable mobile phone network provider who is able to deliver up to your requirement. Although the real question is, who’s a very good provider you can actually have confidence in?

In Malaysia, there is simply a popular telecommunication network provider that regularly offers great plans that would be Digi. Whether it be a broadband or smartphone package for iPhone X, Digi has got the very best deals to pick from, where a variety of consumers like for example students, professionals, in addition to companies can usually benefit from.


Prepaid Plans

Digi is actually one of the recommended providers there is in Malaysia. With a lot of kinds of mobile prepaid plans to go for, Digi promises great value by means of unlimited internet, free calls, and a lot more. Because it is just a prepaid plan, just go ahead and pick a SIM card to give it a go.


Postpaid Plans

Besides, there’s even a selection of postpaid plans for many who would prefer to making payment on the monthly basis as opposed to being required to reload the their mobile prepaid frequently. Yes, postpaid plans was peviously expensive, but that’s history. For as low as RM50, you can get your own Digi postpaid plan already!


Apple iPhones

Digi knows better if the marketplace would like, and the plus side to them is they’re always all set to deliver. With all the current hype for Apple products, Digi began offering a great package deal for smartphone purchase such as the iPhone X that accompany their postpaid plan. How’s that for really a big plus for many people!


Android Phones

As Digi recognizes that nearly all of it customers are interested in great value, they always offer affordable Android phones to complement. Surely famous Android phones like Samsung are available, but what’s really special could be the free smartphone deals, which include the Oppo F5 & Vivo Y66 which you can get from Digi.


iPhone X


Broadband Internet

Looking for a mobile supply of data but hate to use up your mobile as tethering device, go for a broadband internet. Now, Digi comes with the best broadband plan you can obtain in Malaysia with data for the lowest charge. If you don’t prefer to get tied up, select the prepaid broadband plan.


International Roaming & IDD

Things keep on getting better with Digi because they offer amazing deals for IDD & international roaming. With Digi, you will get roaming pass any time you visit all of the listed 50 countries where you can surf internet only for RM5 in one day. So, you’ll no longer need a local SIM card overseas.



Once we highlight lots of great offers Digi have for consumers, we feel it assists all people to make better decisions as soon as they choose, or rather, re-choose their network provider in Malaysia. Let’s not waste our cash on unneeded charges, and begin applying smart consumerism in our life.