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Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia: Electrical and Electronic Equipment

An introduction to Mitsubishi Electric’s Products

Electrical appliances and electronic products have made people life easier, productive, secure and better. In daily living, electrical appliances not only focus to assist human in the daily task but additionally, need to be eco-friendly. Mitsubishi Electric started in 1921 and continuously invent and innovate electrical and electronic products, especially their air conditioner.

air conditioner

High quality electronic applicants

Mitsubishi Electric is actually a Japanese multinational electronics and electrical equipment manufacturing company that has been founded in 1921. For over Four decades in Malaysia, they have provided us various high-quality products including air conditioning equipment, lift, escalator, inverter, and home equipment like fan and refrigerator.

Air- Conditioner

Air conditioner assists us to get a better quality of air, provide a cooler temperature, and clean the surrounding air inside the room. Mitsubishi Electric has multiple selections of air cond and so the most popular is Mitsubishi Mr. Slim. Mitsubishi air cond also hold the world record as the longest running cross flow fan air.

Building systems

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric offers amenities for buildings, which can include elevators, lifts, and escalators in accordance with innovative engineering and advanced technology. Each of these products replies to safety and sustainability standards, to assure reliability and sturdiness, for all the well-being of users.

In the edge when all things are automated and robotized around the industrial field, Mitsubishi has created groundbreaking automation systems, include things like inverter, industrial robot and many other, looking to increase productivity, aggregate energy efficiency and generate efficient work management.

The top home products

Except for air cond, they also well-known in relation to their home products which include a fan, refrigerator, water pump, freezer, and fridge. No douth that these products make our life easier and much more comfortable. Their home appliances are always strongly recommended as the performance are perfect. What is more, their items are secure including legal requirements.

To make a greener environment

In conjunction with making the entire world a much better place to live and create a greener environment, Mitsubishi Electric has put vigorous effort on this. Their product assists in making our life easier without changing the environment and people. They constantly are sure their manufacturing process, products, and others are not likely to alter the environment.

Focus on R&D

Mitsubishi Electric hasn’t stopped in creating and innovating new technology that assists to create a better and greener world. There can be multiple R&D centers which has been build up to support this mission like the Advanced Technology R&D Centre and Information Technology R&D Centre. These R&D centers are that specialize in multiple segments to realize their goals.

Get to know

As being the best-rated company, Mitsubishi Electric always ensure the products can certainly meet consumer’s needs. Through their items, our life becomes additional easier and comfortable that is an incontrovertible fact Mitsubishi Electric enhance the quality of our own life.

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