Psoriasis Treatments: A Comprehensive List

Psoriasis is an incurable medical condition but can be effectively controlled by various forms of medication. Typically, patients who manage their treatments well go on to enjoy a rather happy life, so all is not yet lost.

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Topical treatment

This refers to medication that is rubbed directly on affected areas of the skin.

Salicylic acid

A form of an ointment containing salicylic acid that removes dead skin cells and builds up to psoriatic scales. It’s best applied in moderation as using much may lead to skin irritation and weakened hair shafts.


Also known as Vitamin D, which works with topically prescribed corticosteroid very well. It should be used in moderation to avoid undesirable side effects.

Steroid Creams

A widely used form of medication when it comes to treating psoriasis symptoms. It’s highly effective in reducing inflammation, itching, and blocking unwanted cells that produce in overdrive.

Topical retinoids

A form of medication prepared with a synthetic form of Vitamin A that negates some of the debilitating symptoms of psoriasis. It takes a little longer to work compared to the other topical treatments mentioned above.

Light therapy


A consistent and healthy dose of sunlight helps to alleviate some psoriasis symptoms. For more severe cases, some doctors may recommend undergoing light therapy. The safest available treatment today is UltraViolet B (UVB) light, which is done using a light box or in combination with an alternative therapy such as coal tar.

Oral and injectable medication

When symptoms persist, the last resort is to turn to oral medications and injections. These types of treatments are formulated to target the body’s immune system.


Achieves great results in clearing psoriasis lesions. However, the patient has to undertake regular blood tests due to the fact that it’s the same drug used to treat cancer and some forms of arthritis.


A highly effective and expensive drug made from human and animal proteins. It’s prescribed in severe cases of psoriasis as the drug is designed to manipulate the body’s immune function.

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