The bodycon dress, are the phrase body conscious dresses which cannot be worn be everyone. Bodycons are the eventual evening dress for flattering your body figure. Body cons are usually stretchy and grip to just the right places, that is why they are best worn on celebrities like Kelly Brooke and Beyonce who have amazingly shaped bodies!

Not every woman can wear body can. There are certain regulations to be followed for pull the bodycon look off. Here is the best chance for you to learn these rules and regulations right now! Read on to find out the Do’s and Don’ts of Bodycon dresses that you never even knew to be real.

The Do’s

Do wear an elevated neck and big, embroidered shoulder feature if you are an athletic body, as this will draw the concentration away from your body.

Do opt for a longer or midi bodycon dress that ends just over the knee if you have well shaped thighs.

Do wear a well fitted bra and make sure the costume fits you to shun the compressed and squeezed appearance.

Do restructure your body to give it a better look.


Do flaunt some unanticipated skin with going for a cut-out, strapless or backless bodycon dress.

Do dress in a V-neck bodycon if you have huge body features, this will give you more room and will aid you to avoid looking too weighty on top.

Do not forget that some bodycon dresses are short, which means that you have to wear them with inner wears of matching colors. You must have seen them as a celebrity fashion.

Do wear heavily embodied and detailed bodycons as this will conceal any budging and bump.

Do wear some accessories such as a necklace, scarf, belts or blazer if you are feeling insecure.

The Don’ts

There are some points you need to have them in mind before trying a bodycon dress.

Don’t wear a bodycon dress to the office meetings except it is wavy or if at is made of a thick stuff. You can also visit this link for more information. If you will wear a bodycon with thinner stuff, it will adhere more to your body which can be quite revealing for office work.

Don’t wear light shades if you are self conscious about over weight, chose a dark maroon or a purple bodycon dress if you are looking for a colorful dress.

Don’t have a meal just before you go out in your bodycon and try to opt for non fizzy drinks as swelling is considered as a bodycons most awful enemy!

Don’t wear a long sleeved bodycon dress of light color. This will give you up awkward tan and sweat stains.

Don’t wear a white bodycon dress if you are going to wear bogus tan as the tautness of the dress will make it vulnerable to rubbing on your body.

Don’t wear a very short bodycon to a dinner or an official party. If you need to know more you can also click here. Shorter bodycons are suitable for wearing in bars and clubs, but can be too revealing for dinner dates and for official parties.

Bodycons are not for soft hearted ladies. Don’t be self conscious while trying bodycons. Be confident to show off your figure and shine.

10 Ways To Make The Body Con Dress Work For You

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In the latest of Celebrity fashion, to look good on the red carpet is the number one consideration.  Most women want to show off their bodies but yet still look elegant and appealing when they are attending a special event or an evening out with associates.  Looking good and turning heads are all a part of their reputation.  Many have turned to using dresses that have been designed after the original bandage dresses that use to be made from a spandex or stretchy type of fabric.  These were created to be form fitting to show off all of a woman’s curves and features.  Not only do these dresses make a woman look good but they also make her feel good about her self and lets her self confidence shine.

Many To Choose From

There are many different styles of these dresses to choose from with a variety of color variations.  Choosing the right one for your body type can take a little getting use to.  Many women will wear a spanx or a miraclesuit shape wear to hide some of the imperfections in their bodies.  Since these dresses fit tightly almost glove like most women want to make sure that their bodies show through smoothly without wrinkles or bulges.  Not all women can wear one of these tightly molded dresses, but the ones that are comfortable and can sport them proudly know how to make their wardrobe to be stunning.  Black seems to be one of the favorite colors with its slimming effect many have added this color to their wardrobe.

Tips When Choosing Your Dress

  • Select your dress to accent a certain body part
  • For a more elegant look search for a higher neckline so not to show too much cleavage
  • If you are uncomfortable with a bodycon consider starting with a two piece
  • A smaller waist line can be created with a darker color paneled sides
  • Feel free with some styles to add a loose fitting cardigan or jacket

Being Comfortable

When making a selection of your Bodycon bandage dress, be sure and make a selection that you are comfortable with wearing.  Part of the experience of wearing one of these fabously designed dresses is to make you look and feel good about yourself.  If you would like your waist to look smaller, find one that has that special design for just that purpose.  Some women are comfortable with wearing these special dresses without any form fitting undergarments and others prefer them to help to reduce the bulges that could show through.  It is a personal choice and depends upon what works best with your shape and your size.

When searching for your dress for most any occasion or for day and evening wear, select a neutral or darker color.  This seems to be appropriate for most any occasion and is very easy to select accessories such as shoes, jewelry or handbags.  When selecting accessories to wear with one of these designer dresses, make sure to select to accent the dress and not to over power what the dress has accomplished for you.  There are many choices available in both styles and colors so remember comfort must be a key consideration when selecting your new bodycon dresses.

See more about bodycon fashion here:

How To Wear Your Bandage Dress


The bandage dresses  are a short model, mostly low-cut and so just as a sticker! Natural stick with that doubt in time to use: Does it make me look ridiculous? Well, in order to answer that question it is very important to pay attention to tips given by Celebrity fashion magazines and so on.

Is the Bodycon bandage dress for me too?

The best thing to do is look in the mirror with common sense and analyze your overall look. Remember that the dress itself was once thought to be sexy, then you do not need more sensual elements! Delete animal prints, red lipstick, golden in excess and hairstyles with that too much feeling.

If you already have a big body redouble your attention and be careful when using the bandage dresses! Choose less low-cut models, with more sober colors and not so short ones …That’s a tough little question!  Really people, there’s no denying that it is not everyone “can” wear a dress so tight which means the Bodycon bandage dress is indeed not for every lady.

Bandage dresses – what about the belly?

Many people asked about the belly and bum, you can use anyway? It Is important to base the looks on you and not because someone else can wear it. Keep yourself in mind and not wear clothes because you think they look pretty in actresses and even your friends.

Now when we think about our bellies that is complicated! I think if the person feels good ok, but if the situation is too complicated and the person looks terrible then I suggest forgetting the same trend! There are many clothes and other trends that might be a very good fit for you. The Bandage dresses definitely are not for everyone so if you have a big belly or even a larger bum make sure you do not ridiculous.

Is it type of dress suitable for wedding and graduations ?! yes, it can be.

Just choose a thinner model with more elaborate neckline and not so short. Time to “accessorize”, choose more delicate sandals fabric and stones, fancier bags and powerful earrings! This is a very good option for those who would like to be fashion yet rather sober during parties of all kinds, especially the marriages. Sometimes celebrity fashion is not a perfect fit for everyone. It deeply depends on your taste and also in your sense. You should ask your honest friends and family to give you a second opinion regarding the dress and also what kind of clothes you should wear during each occasion.

Other things should also match your style and dress.

The hair is also super important and should preferably be not loose, since the dress is much more “stripped” than a traditional model! I hope that such tips were able to help you understand what your sense of beauty should be like and also a little bit more regarding the so called and so famous Bandage dresses.


How to blend in the stylish bodycon fashion

Bodycon dresses are slowly becoming popular each day. Founded by Herve leger, this style is among the top selling everywhere in the world. The style entails dresses that wrap up a woman body like a bandage, and thus they have been given the name bandage dresses. The fabric is actually tight, and it is meant to show off the entire body shape of the woman wearing it. It is actually specially designed to create some attention to the best assets in a woman, and show the figure 8 shape, that majority of people admire. The fashion is actually popular with female actresses and musicians, as it is classy and decent at the same time.

Always fit a bandage dress before buying

Many ladies are actually afraid to wear the bandagedresses because they are unsure of their body shape. They would actually prefer that they go for loose dresses that won’t show much in them. However, it is worth trying it out once in a while, as you might be surprised by the pretty look. They always come in different designs and sizes, and they is a high chance of landing with the right bodycon dress. This will require a lot of fitting however, so as to identify the perfect dress to accentuate the best in a lady.

Test all the available fashions

If you are unsure of your look when in a bodycon fashion, consider blending it with something else that is not as conscious. The fact that it is tight means that it can easily compliment with a much loose and baggy option. If for instance you settle for bandage skirt, you can compliment it with a less tight top. This will neutralize the effect and you will feel more comfortable. The oversize top will easily hid the problems with the midsection but still portray a good view of the legs. No one will actually tell that the top was oversize, but they will instead see it as a fashion trend.

Choose dark bodycon dress colors

The bodycon dresses come in many colors, but you will agree with me that the black options compliment well with everyone. By dark I don’t actually mean black, because there are gray, blue and brown colors in store. The dark color will effectively hide the spots in the body, if at all there is any, and you won’t be overly conscious when walking. In addition to this, a dark color easily goes along with all other options. It will not place limitations on sandals, shoes, scarf or the accessories. Remember that the bodycon fashion requires accessorizing to draw the attention out of the body, and unlimited options will be an added advantage.


Confidence is a key aspect in this fashion. Having confidence in your body shape will give you the drive to put on a bandage dress and walk without fear. You should however not spend a lot of money as there are cheap options in stores worldwide. It is actually hard to tell the difference in the look of the dresses basing on the pricing.