The bodycon dress, are the phrase body conscious dresses which cannot be worn be everyone. Bodycons are the eventual evening dress for flattering your body figure. Body cons are usually stretchy and grip to just the right places, that is why they are best worn on celebrities like Kelly Brooke and Beyonce who have amazingly shaped bodies!

Not every woman can wear body can. There are certain regulations to be followed for pull the bodycon look off. Here is the best chance for you to learn these rules and regulations right now! Read on to find out the Do’s and Don’ts of Bodycon dresses that you never even knew to be real.

The Do’s

Do wear an elevated neck and big, embroidered shoulder feature if you are an athletic body, as this will draw the concentration away from your body.

Do opt for a longer or midi bodycon dress that ends just over the knee if you have well shaped thighs.

Do wear a well fitted bra and make sure the costume fits you to shun the compressed and squeezed appearance.

Do restructure your body to give it a better look.


Do flaunt some unanticipated skin with going for a cut-out, strapless or backless bodycon dress.

Do dress in a V-neck bodycon if you have huge body features, this will give you more room and will aid you to avoid looking too weighty on top.

Do not forget that some bodycon dresses are short, which means that you have to wear them with inner wears of matching colors. You must have seen them as a celebrity fashion.

Do wear heavily embodied and detailed bodycons as this will conceal any budging and bump.

Do wear some accessories such as a necklace, scarf, belts or blazer if you are feeling insecure.

The Don’ts

There are some points you need to have them in mind before trying a bodycon dress.

Don’t wear a bodycon dress to the office meetings except it is wavy or if at is made of a thick stuff. You can also visit this link for more information. If you will wear a bodycon with thinner stuff, it will adhere more to your body which can be quite revealing for office work.

Don’t wear light shades if you are self conscious about over weight, chose a dark maroon or a purple bodycon dress if you are looking for a colorful dress.

Don’t have a meal just before you go out in your bodycon and try to opt for non fizzy drinks as swelling is considered as a bodycons most awful enemy!

Don’t wear a long sleeved bodycon dress of light color. This will give you up awkward tan and sweat stains.

Don’t wear a white bodycon dress if you are going to wear bogus tan as the tautness of the dress will make it vulnerable to rubbing on your body.

Don’t wear a very short bodycon to a dinner or an official party. If you need to know more you can also click here. Shorter bodycons are suitable for wearing in bars and clubs, but can be too revealing for dinner dates and for official parties.

Bodycons are not for soft hearted ladies. Don’t be self conscious while trying bodycons. Be confident to show off your figure and shine.

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