Top Italian Dishes

Italy is known to be one of the hardest and most impossible places in which you will be able to maintain your diet during your vacation, or worse, if you live there!

Your daily schedules will constantly be packed with new restaurants recommended by a stream of strangers. The range of choices is exceedingly overwhelming to the point where you will never complete trying everything Italy has to offer. Fret not, enjoy your stay and we will help you ease through your food dilemmas.


Marini's on 57

Nothing could go wrong with a weighty piece of dough packed with a mouthful of spices and topped off with the tangiest cheese of all time! It is easy to put together, affordable for your tight budget and scrumptious would be an understatement.


Messy yet rich in flavours- a flat-wide pasta noodle, fully soaked in the liquidity of pasta-sauce and baked in the steaming oven until the edges crisp and within sizzles!

Florentina Steak

Old, traditional yet legendary. The grill must be extremely hot in order to ignite the grilling process! The juices enriched from the meat slides right off the bat. If you don’t mind burning your tongue, eat it right off the grill.


One of the most pleasurable things to do before you dig in is to consistently stir the entirety of the mixture. The creamy, sticky rice will stick right to your spoon, ready to indulge in your first bite!


If you wish to pamper yourself once in a blue moon, we’d suggest you get truffles to satisfy your cravings. Although it is signified to be one of the most prestigious and expensive foods in the glove, it is worth the price. It is grown naturally, and blooming out in the wild. During lucky instances, you may find fresh truffles in your backyard, even.

Coffee, Gelato

If you have a sweet tooth, you are not forgotten. Even if you decide on having two scoops of ice-cream daily, it is a conventional practice here! (do not be deceived by their hourglass bodies)

In every corner of Italy, you will definitely be able to bump into an aesthetic coffee shop!


Visit the famous Marini’s on 57 to have a similar experience as the Italians (except, you will be in Malaysia!) via