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4 Tips Before Buying Your Car Insurance

Buying a car insurance is so easy these days. You don’t have to call up your agents to remind them to renew your road tax with JPJ along with your insurance because they’ll follow up with you, which is wonderful given the many things you have to worry about when living life in the fast lane. Engaging an insurance agent is what you consider the “old school” way, but by no means obsolete. Many people actually prefer consulting with an expert in person, myself included.

In an effort to reach consumers better, insurance giants have taken great strides to diversify the distribution of their products through alternative channels. The coverage of car insurance policies are the same across all channels but may differ in price, convenience, sales advice, and claims support.


The premium of your car insurance policy depends on the distribution channel you buy from. It’s nice to get a good deal, but be mindful of what you’ll be passing up on. Buying direct online is only advisable if you’re well-versed in your policy and able to guide yourself through the tedious and sometimes confusing procedure of filing an insurance claim.


Insurance companies do their best to make the process of buying their product as seamless as possible. The prospects of not having to leave your house nor pick up the phone to speak to someone is so tempting, but remember to weigh the pros and cons of this in terms of after-sales support later on.

Car Insurance

Sales advice

If you’re really bad with numbers, you are going to need assistance; an agent or someone from the office who will take the time to walk you through your car insurance policy. If you’re a different kind of lazy, you could let the insurance agent do all the work for you. It costs a little more but that’s your call to make.

Claims support

The last thing you want is to get into an accident with no idea on what to do next. You’ll have a lot of questions, and you don’t want to be waiting for the customer service department of your insurance provider in times of emergency. A dedicated insurance agent will take care of things and settle the important paperwork for you.

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